Seven pictures in the night


Multimedia installation, Main work

Land art

Moonstones is a collection of 12 large-scale photographs, 7 sculptures and a movie.


The 12 photographs depyct a long path to a mountain in Revermont, on which a strange alignment of 7 white and round stones is to be found.


The very last photograph gives the meaning of this alignment: it matches the moon’s trajectory, shot 7 times all 10 minutes on the same support.

Eric needed 6 month to create this photograph: find the right place, measure distance, calculate time and space. Then he had to trigger his camera seven times.

In addition to the phographs, the stones where exposed in a specific way, reminding the artistic performance. For example, the stone below is laid on leaves, recreating the cartography of the place.


Influenced by minimalism and land art, especially the work of Carl Andre, Richard Long, Waler de Maria, Robert Smithson, this work of art was Eric Viennot’s first multimedia work. It was exposed in 1984 at the culture center of Bourg-en-Bresse and at Studio Dieci in Naples.



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