A crazy adventure, full of all kind of strange widgets!

La Boite à bidules

Video game, Main work

After the success of Uncle Albert’s Adventures, La boite à bidule is released in 2002. It is dedicated to a younger audience (4-7 years old) and is the first of a successful trilogy.

In this game, the players find what made the success of Uncle Albert’s univers: endearing characters, strange inventions, poetry and humour.



La Boite à Bidule is an adventure game featuring a wide range of mini-games, based on reflexion, observation, dexterity and celerity. The entire story takes place in some kind of magical box created by Uncle Albert, containing living and talking toys.




But where has Leonie disappeared to? Waking up from a long sleep, Bébert, Toto and Gus, 3 mechanical toys created by Oncle Albert, have good reasons to be worried… Their friend is missing and in this huge box they call home, everything is upside down. Consider this: forgotten in the dusty attic, the old box became rusty! To put it all in order, cleverness and bravery will be needed. But no worries, in order to find their missing friend, our 3 heroes are up to the craziest challenges. A crazy adventure is about to begin in this box stocked with all kind of strange stuff…



Just like Uncle Albert’s Adventures, short movies tell the story of the box and the way it was made.







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