A transmedia game to travel from book to book


Transmedia fiction, Recent work

Designed by Eric Viennot, Inside  is a mobile game promoting the Prix Littéraire des Lycéens (literary prize for students). The game is a playful way to discover the 12 selected books.

It is available on the App Store and Google Play.


INSIDE features a character of the selection: Gabriel, a hero in Bonbons Atomiques – the comic book written by Pastor. Gabriel mysteriously went out of the book. He is lost and needs help to go back home. In order to do that, the player has to solve puzzle and face obstacles. The adventure will make him travel through the differents books, where he will meet colorful and endearing characters and discover many countries.




Screenshots of the game

This transmedia adventure game on smartphone mixes reflexion, mini-games and augmented reality:

The main design challenge for Inside was to create a coherent story, considering the various univers of the different books.



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