An interactive thriller mixing reality and fiction

In Memoriam

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“You will soon feel my warm breath on your skin. No need to close your door. See you soon, sweatheart.”


Edited by Ubisoft in Europe and The Adventure Company in the US (tittle Missing: Since January), the In Memoriam game was released in October 2003.

It is the first occurrence of a new kind of adventure game, completely open on the internet, where the frontier between reality and fiction tends to fade. This approach is successful and hundreds of thousands are tracking the Phoenix, a highly clever serial killer, who teases the authorities and players on his trail. The game becomes a hit. It is often cited as the reference of alternate reality games (A.R.G).




As he was investigating on a strange serie of murders committed all around Europe, the journalist Jack Lorski disappears with Karin Gijman, his young assistant. A few weeks late, the SKL Network agency Jack Lorski was working for gets a mail sent by the serial killer. It contains a mysterious CD-Rom, conceived like a video game. Unable to decrypt it, the agency decides, in agreement with the police, to make the only evidence leading to the journalist public. It is now your responsibility to decrypt the programme and solve the puzzle created by the killer. Are you ready to play his game?





In Memoriam is mainly playable on CD-rom. To move forward, the player has to solve the killer’s twisted puzzles. Intelligence and logic are both needed, but some of the puzzles may only be solved by looking for information on the internet.





Screens du jeu

Some points of the story are inspired by real facts, blurring the limit of reality and fiction: legit and fake websites, fake news, fake comments on websites, etc. Hundreds of website were created especially for the game.


Patchwork of different websites created for the game.

The player does get emails from different characters helping him in his investigation, and at some moments even from the killer! Whereas in classic games the player embodies a virtual character, in In Memoriam, the player plays his own role. He is immersed in a story that will enter his life, creating an immersion as never before. He gradually solves the police investigation he is leading.

Chapter One (US comments)


Fully transmedia, the game contains several videos, in addition to puzzles, mails and websites. Extracted from Jack Lorski’s journal, the videos are the keystones of the storyline. They allow the player to reconstitute the events. Shot in 5 countries (France, England, Italy, Turkey and Greece), the movies last a total 90 minutes. They have an important role in the gameplay, because some of them contains decisive clues for the investigation..





Press review

In Memoriam is like no other game and nobody went so far in immersion (…) This game mixes reality and fiction in a magnificent way. Libération

The atmosphere of Seven. Le Figaro

A complete success. Le Point

A both innovative and captivating interactive fiction. Télérama

Video game reinvented. La Tribune de Genève

You never played something like that! PC Jeu

A unique experience. Jeu vidéo Magazine

In Memoriam take the concept of video games a step further.

A great success. Joystick

This true playable UFO forces respect thanks to an immensly rich background, authentic video sequences and a captivating storyline. We have been charmed. Gamekult

Missing is one of the most gratifying adventure games you can play. Computer Games

A great game that’s reinvent the notion of interactivity! FuitilliumS.

An engrossing and unique experience. GameSpot


In Memoriam 1 and 2 won several international awards (Prix SACD, Imagina Awards, Into the pixel…).

Making of

See also In Memoriam 2



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