Will you manage to change your fate?

Brooklyn Stories

Video game, Main work

2008 Eric Viennot starts working on a console game. The action takes place in a Brooklyn building. The goal is to travel into time, in order to change the inhabitants fate. The player watches the characters at key moments of the story line and may interfere in their choices, to modify the way the story goes. A kind of interactive Groundhog Day.

The action takes place in Brooklyn. The cosmopolite population offers a wide variety of characters, both colorful and endearing.

The narrator has the power to embody different characters in order to listen to their thoughts, and going back into time, modifying their choices. This game concept will later be promoted in a magnificent fashion by the creators of Life is strange.

Considering the scope of the project, Lexis Numérique decides to divide the story into episodes and release an alpha version on PC. The financial problems will not allow Eric to keep producing new episodes.




“There was a time when they respected me. There was a time when they envied me. There was time when they feared me. But now, they only see me as a wheelchair bound wreck. If only I had made the right decisions, you would still be alive my love…”

The entire action takes place in a single building and its direct neighborhood. The inhabitants of Charles building, located in Brownstone Brooklyn, share obscur relationships, settling of accounts issue and secret love stories. Harold Foley, the main character, knows it better than most. He is 75 years old, lives alone, stuck in a wheelchair, just like the the character in Hitchcok’s Rear Window. He has plenty of time to watch the comings and goings of his neighbors. He sadly remembers the woman he loved passionately, who died because of him.

Fate offers him a second chance: the opportunity to travel back into time and change key moments of his past.

Will he manage to avoid the chain of dramatic events that led him into a wheelchair? Will him manage to save the woman he loved?

It may look easy, but you have to consider this: changing what happened may have unexpected consequences…

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