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Released in october 2012, Alt-Minds is a hybrid creation, mixing video game and fiction, involving the public into an 8 week-long investigation. It features several concepts used 10 years before in Missing: Since January, such as placing the player directly into the story and blurring the frontier between reality and fiction. But Alt-Minds goes even further by multiplying the media in a coherent set: web game, social network, phone calls, websites, webserie, geolocation-based mobile game…

This time, the investigation occurs in real time. At the Era of social networks, it offers the players more immersion and believability.

With an 8 week-long real time narration, many media involved, Alt-Minds reminds one of the most important transmedia project created until now.



During the summer 2012, five young physicists studying in Belgrade mysteriously disappeared in Ukraine. A few months after the disappearing, the investigation remains at a standstill. The Alvinson Foundation, who was financing their studies, decides to start from scratch. Two investigators are hired: Audrey Marjorin, a former cop, and Fabio Abelardo Westing, a journalist specialised in paranormal activities. To back them up, she decides to ask for help on the internet.


Joining the community, you will be able to follow, day after day, how the investigation goes, but also take actively part to the investigation, by accepting the daily missions sent by the investigators. You will even be able to investigate in the real world and become a character of the story.


You have to connect every day to see how the investigation progresses. At the end of the day, the investigators give you a mission. The gameplay is quite similar to an adventure game, the only difference is that the world wide web becomes your playground:


Main interface of the game, on a computer or a table, the dashboard allows to follow the story and take part to the missions given by the investigators.


Mini-game on Deucalion’s mysterious website.


It is possible to dialogue with specific characters on the social networks. The Facebook page of Peter Edgarson.



The game is composed of 8 episodes. The first one is free, the other ones are sold. One episode lasts one week.


Alt-minds is a paranormal thriller, inspired by real facts. 4 years of documentation on scientific, historical, religious and esoteric topics were needed to create the game. The decisive phase allowed the players to immerse themselves in a believable story. At the same time, a documentary serie was released on Dailymotion (see The Minidocs).




The webserie

The players discover the story via videos posted by the characters on the dashboard. This videos build a webserie lasting 5 hours. They were shot in 5 countries (Serbia, Bulgaria, France, Ukraine, Turkey). A considerable work of identification was needed, in order that the shooting spots fit the places the players may find thanks to Google Maps and Google Earth.






An extension in the real world

Thanks to a geo-localised app, the players may search IRL to “capture” glyphs spread all around the world, which have an important role in the story.


Specific glyphs are very rare and may only be discovered if numerous players gather at the same location. Gatherings of players occur, as you can see on the following video, shot by one of them.

Critics noticed how close it was to the successful PokemonGo, released 4 years later.

The game allows the players to meet the characters in the real world. For example, as you can see on the picture below, a group of players was invited to join the investigators in a parisian bar.


The Minidocs

Released at the same time as the game, the minidocs (produced by the Smallbang studio) are a documentary serie linked to Alt-Minds. This webserie explores specific topics, such as transhumanism.

Press review

« Alt-Minds turned the Web into a gigantic playground ». Libération

« A very immersive game, you are the hero, during day and night, wherever you are » Le Monde

« Those who are curious should definitely let themselves go to the visionary Alt-Minds » Les Inrocks

« Alt-Minds, the police drama to experience » Le Point


Alt-Minds has been selected in several Media and Film Festivals, such as La Rochelle, Biarritz, the Forum Blanc, Neuchâtel and New-York.


Présentation d’Alt-Minds par Eric Viennot au Festival international du film fantastique de Neuchâtel (Suisse)


Alt-Minds at the Lincoln Center, New-York



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